382703_2838074112521_652014261_nAndrew Jamieson is a painter, born in Bermondsey, South London who grew up in East London and Dagenham on a council estate.  Drawing was always important to him. His parents home was an oasis of classical music, poetry and art and somehow it made the Stalinesque concrete bearable.  His father, a bus conductor and later a teacher  was the one who above all was responsible for his love of art and introduced him to the National and the Tate Gallery along with artists like Rothko, Spencer, Turner and Palmer.

In the mid 1970’s the Jamieson family was fortunate enough to exchange urban concrete for the green open spaces of England’s West Country. A landscape steeped in myth and legend. For a while they lived the pastoral dream amid Thomas Hardy’s evocative Wessex. The English landscape has always had an emotive effect on the Artist.  Like many English landscape painters he understands the underlying nature of the English countryside, a sanctuary, beautiful and yet somehow melancholic.

In 1976 they emigrated to Memphis Tennessee. The dynamic and the teen culture he experienced had a profound influence on him which would later surface in his work.  The young Jamieson became interested in Blues, Presley, Country and he absorbed all the iconography of the 70’s with relish.  Unfortunately, the American Dream did not last however and in the late 1970’s he and his family moved back to England and the pastoral lifestyle. In 1978 he was accepted on the Pre B.A. Foundation Course at Salisbury College of Art where he studied, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting and illustration.

In 1980 Jamieson was accepted at the Reigate School of Art on the uniquely and somewhat obscure calligraphy, heraldry and illumination course. Since childhood the Artist had a boyish interest in anything and everything to do with the medieval, knights in armour and heraldry. He graduated from Reigate in 1983 and became a freelance artist. The course brought a unique set of design skills which have always stood him in great stead for over 30 working and being recognised as a world leader in the field of heraldic art including becoming a calligrapher and Illuminator for HM Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office. His interest in painting and painters like Mark Rothko, William Turner, Samuel Palmer, Stanley Spencer, Howard Hodgekin and Gerhard Richter had always been there.  And the Artist’s continuous visits between America, mostly New England, NYC and Virginia and England have inspired an eclectic mix of art and style. The work is often humorous, undefinable yet occasionally  dark, intense and reactionary.  Artistic trends and fashions hold little interest.


An elected member of the Artworkers Guild in London.  Jamieson recently moved to Scotland and he lives in the Kingdom of Fife. When not painting he likes to walk, cook, listen to music and go on photographic expeditions into the Scottish Highlands, a place that holds a special place in his heart and DNA.