The landscape around where I live in England on the Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire borders is steeped in lore and mythology. This is the place of legend and magic. King Arthur country with the magical Cadbury hill fort supposed Camelot and the famous Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury. Here also is the landscape of King Alfred and Penselwood where the American author John Steinbeck wrote his, ‘Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights’. In Wiltshire there are old Hawthorn and Yew track ways as old as man himself, and chalk carvings in hillsides and Neolithic burial mounds standing sentinel over stone circles and henges. To walk and sit in this landscape amid it’s ancient hedgerows and orchards, the enchanting realm of the of Badger and Hare one cannot help but find it a ‘spiritual’ experience.