One of the joys of living in the countryside is walking in the early evening. If you are very lucky you might get to witness one of the simple wonders of life. The Hare, that most ancient and mythological of English creatures. Watching these magical creatures playing in a quiet corner of a field is mesmerizing, it is like listening to a lark ascending. They are shy creatures and so to see them is an honour. One evening my wife and I were sat on a five bar farm gate watching the sun slowly sink towards the horizon. Swallows were flitting about and we saw two Hares come right past the gate, for a moment they stopped and looked at us, then they continued on their way into the field and put on a show that was just a delight. They jumped over each other, boxed and played. It is a moment that we will never forget and these paintings a collaboration between Ce and I express the joy we felt that evening.



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