English Visionary Landscapes

When I was younger my father took me to the Tate Gallery and he showed me the works of the English visionary, Samuel Palmer.  I must confess I do not remember many of them but life has a way of going full circle and later in my early 20’s a neighbour, friend and walking companion were talking on a walk down some Neolithic lanes near Sherborne in Dorset and we discussed the painter Samuel Palmer. Steve had a small print by the artist and I began to study his work. I went to Reigate School of Art and often passed the artists grave on my way to and fro. Later Steve and I went of a ‘Pilgrimage’ to Shoreham in Kent where Palmer surrounded by his friends who referred to themselves as,’The Ancients’ did his most intense works.  It was not really until I became a Christian that I truly appreciated the spiritual intimacy of his work.  The deeply almost medieval sanctity that he brought to his paintings. I began seeing the landscape as he did, fused in a warm supernatural light.  Many years later I began painting some small intimate works in watercolour on vellum, they are my humble homage to Samuel Palmer. The scenes some real, some contrived with places brought together. Some are very special to me, like ‘Buckfast Abbey’  where I lived for a while and ‘Walter’s Garden’. Walter was a veteran of WWI and our neighbour and one of the last survivors and a link to an old Dorset now lost forever. I revisit this style of work often and the paintings have been likened to medieval manuscript scenes.